MarineTraffic - Ship Tracking App Reviews

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Excellent App

Beautiful app to spend time to track vessel and super yacht to keep ur self busy since I work on board is very useful so I like it and. Will always recommend it to others

Nice App!


Very Usefull App

Super To easy To use. You can Track multiple ships and follow them.

Wasted money

Very bad function at all time delay of several days - free of charge Apps much better !!!

Good but lacks options from browser vs

App is ok, quit fast, but I really miss the "distance to" & the direct destination port link which the web version has. The coverage is sometimes malfunctioned,still great app

Top very practical!

Very useful, works perfectly

Fleet size

Possible Fleet size is ways to small! Paying 4,99€ and only 5 vessels possible to track?! That is not enough!


I love tracking the Alaska cruiseships from my harbour. It gives me all kinds of neat info on each boat, and a pic. Love the app, already made my friends get it too.

Works perfectly.

I live near the Detroit River. I tried a couple of the free apps and they didnt show ships that I could clearly see steaming past! I gambled on this, and it works perfectly.

Ship watching

Great app for following ocean activity if you live near the sea. Love to identify the boats and follow their travels, sometimes around the world.

Worth the money, but not always accurate

Sometimes the ships have no destinations, wrong destinations, or the dates do not make sense. (Ie a ship from New York to Southampton taking only 4 hours). Im accuracy could be improved upon. Sometimes ships dont show up on the map unless you play around with the zoom options. Overall a good app though, definitely fun, worth the $$$


Using it to track ships that family members work on - with few delays, works whenever the boats AIS emitter is active. I love telling them where they are!

Not always works

I purchased ipad app a few months ago when we had a trip on the west coast. Paid $4.59 for The app, 2 mos later I cant login and the website has no "contact us" area. When I was able to use it tho it worked really well. Hope I can log in again

St. Lawrence watcher

My dad watched ships all his life and wondered about them... Where they were from...etc....... Now he knows! Just one comment.... I would like to see a notice IF there has been a name change and /or company change, just before opening the pictures of the ships. Saves a lot of scrolling to prove we are actually seeing what you show!

Not always accurate.

Whether it is up to the vessels to broadcast their position I dont know, but often the ferries between Motril Spain and N.Africa are not shown and on occasions their position is way off, especially when I can view them from the shore.

Great app for identifying ships at sea from home

I enjoy keeping track of whos out in the ocean that I can see from our home.

Visuals could be better.

Interesting app. Not optimized for 6/6s Plus as the visuals are quite grainy.

Very Useful

Have been using this APP for several months and fine it easy to use and very helpful.

Latest upgrade has errors

The latest upgrade changed the picture of my friends boat, so dont trust this app as much.

Great tool for photographers

I use this app extensively to set up for shooting photos of ships. The eta times are really helpful and very accurate. The named positioning markers help with knowing what is already docked in the harbour and the eta of their departure. Keep up the great work!

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