MarineTraffic - Ship Tracking App Reviews

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Userfriendly and excellent

Suits my purposes

Almost Never brings up "My Fleet" without having to reload it. But when I click on "My Fleet" it does show vessel position. Suits my purposes

Boats boats boats

Great app for boats. Info is the best. Love the weather report on lot of the ships.

Enjoy the app

I enjoy using this app, works well and has been accurate for me. I wish the app would send you notifications if vessels of a specified type or size are within 5 miles of you location. Such a feature would help me catch a few more of larger ships on the Cape Fear.


All I need in one app

Fleet size

Possible Fleet size is ways to small! Paying 4,99€ and only 5 vessels possible to track?! That is not enough!

Pretty lame

You pay $5 then told if you want full info you need to pay a monthly subscription. Info is not detailed. Second biggest liner in the world doesnt have destination info. Can get same for free

Great app

I use it to track the location of WA State Ferries and it does an excellent job of it. Did a great job showing the BC Ferries last weekend on our trip to Victoria.

Love this app

I absolutely love this app!!! It keeps u very up to date especially when ur husband is a merchant mariner. Love this app ❤️

Good, could be better

I really like this app is it shows most chips in Port and also their movement. It gives details for most trips including photographs. What I dont like is that not all ships are shown and that one can only track three ships with a regular subscription. This should be expanded to at least 10 ships. Still, or useful app which I enjoy using.

Great App

Ive used the app around the world and it continues to improve. There is a quirk here and there particularly when searching so you occasionally have to try a few different ways. I upgraded and am happy I did.

Great app

I love this app! It was the only one I found I can watch river traffic. Keep up the good work!


We live on the beach in Florida and love using this app to check out all of the ships passing by during the day.

Bean counters

Used to be the best app for tracking cruise ships. Now they display "sat-ais" on ships within standard ais distance (shows on other providers maps!) so they can get you to buy an expensive service plan. Congrats to your cost-cutting executives. Step 1 of being out of business!

Dont fall for this app!!!

WARNING: THIS APP IS BOGUS!!!!! Everything went great for the first 2 days of tracking, then if the ship you are tracking isnt signed up with Marine Traffic is just stops tracking the ship. There is NO warning that there is a sign up! You dont get your money back!

Good application!

Good application!!!


I enjoy this app and have shared it with my friends who have a view of Puget Sound.


Very accurate and helpful.

Nice App!


Zoom in

Zoom in and font gets bigger. Multiply meters by three and get the length in feet close enough for everyday info.

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