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Tolle App

Die App liefert detaillierte Infos mit tollen Bildern und Informationen

Top Fleettraker

Super Darstellung absolute gute Infos



Good apps

Very good for seamen!

Great app

Great app . I definitely like it

Tracking our boat

We are using marine traffic to track our boat while the charter agency repositions it from Annapolis to the Caribbean. It has worked perfectly, Providing us instant information on the location, direction, speed and route of the boat. It also has alerts for activities such as leaving and entering ports. We are really enjoying the app.

Works great!

I use this all the time to track our local whale watching boat & follow it to the action! No more guessing where the whales are!

No Good

I got the app to chart the course of a cruise ship my mother was on. It does not update at all. It shows the ship in the same location it was 2 days ago. Such a rip-off!


Great app!

Great app for kids too!

We live near a shipping lane and my kids live to see what the ships are named and photos of them... so do I of course. Fun app to get kids aware of their environment.

Don’t buy

This’s is your typical bait and switch. The. Initial cost is a drop in the bucket of what it really cost. Every time I try to use a feature i get a message that says the feature is an upgrade and cost more money.

Every Captain must have !

Get the app. Follow all your boating friends. Have your family know where you are. Download to see if your own boat is transmitting, and hasn’t been stolen. I’m sure one day it will live stream onto your onscreen mobile device plotter.


An app that gets used. That’s a big deal.

Won’t update location

I bought this to track just one ship. My wife’s carnival cruise. It’s been 24hrs and still hasn’t updated her location. AIS transponders should be updating locations every few hours at the most. Not worth the money for just tracking an individual ship.

Best Way To Monitor My Fellow Yacht Club Cruisers

App always available on my iPad and iPhone for measuring everyone’s progress on our extended cruises.

Updates to ship position can be 3-6 days old

Not helpful if you want timely info.


Use it daily to track freighters and project their arrival off the dock.


FindShip was reporting a location of a towboat I was searching for, but the location was a few hours old. I thought I might as well break down and buy a real app for this. $4.99 got me a search that couldn’t locate the ship until I got the MSSI number from my findship app, then gave me a location that was 2 days and 7 hours old. Absolute garbage app. DO NOT BUY. I want my money back.

Slow response

I see a lot of barges in the Mississippi River area the show hrs behind actual position. Could just be the tow boats AIS system but you can’t count on the app to be accurate enough to plan lock passages.

Zooming Needs Work

Zooming in and out needs to be much smoother.

Update please

Needs a new update. It's a little behind and getting worse. Use to be awesome

Love it

This is the best marine app out there!

Customer Tracking

As the service manager for a large Marina and service facility I use Marine Traffic to know when customers are inbound for service

Doesn’t allow you to register

If you just want to see Boats, this app is for you, but if you’re trying to have this as a companion while boating, use something else.


I live this app. I live on my he lake and follow the ships going by.

Marine Traffic

A must have in the marine industry!

A great tool

A friend and I fish a long way off shore and occasionally anchor up overnight in an anchorage that we had not planned on. Our wives were always concerned of not knowing really where were. We downloaded the Marine App to their iPhones. Both now feel better that they can now keep track of their old fishermen. Offshore Rob

Should not have this app!

My phone locks instantly, but somehow when I went to my phone to unlock it with my fingerprint, this app was there and instantly charge me. I have no use for this app and would have never purposely downloaded it. I’ve diligently tried to report the issue to get a refund, but has been unsuccessful. This is ridiculous, I want my refund!

Good app - extra features don’t work between devices, though

Works pretty well, aside from slow vessel updates at times. . . Also, big peeve is failure of feature upgrades to work between devices. For example, I upgraded to nautical chart option on my iPad, expecting to see it in effect on my other devices - phone, laptop, office machine, and so on - as well. But it only works on the one device. That stopped me upgrading anything else. If I pay for an account and purchase an upgrade it should work on all my devices!

Fun App!

I have been using to track the whereabouts of some friends at sea. Great app to watch their progress around the globe.

Great app for coastal Georgia

I use this app to anticipate large freighters passing the St Simons Island pier. There’s something majestic about those large ROLO car carriers. Excellent app for seeing where they’re coming from and the length of their voyage. One of my very favorite apps.

Good, somewhat inconsistent

I enjoy this app. But there are lots of time that only old time data shows up or certain ships don’t keep their AIS units on and disappear for a time.

Nice App for Tracking Ships

This app is really nice for anyone with family working in the maritime industry. It is comforting for those back home to know where their loved one’s ship is located. Cost is prohibitive to use the app for anything else. Wish it allowed more than 30 notifications per month. These don’t really cost the company anything to provide.

Can’t live without it

This app is a must for anyone in the maritime industry.


Accurate reliable and great coverage. It's a must. The vessel database is outstanding

Great App !



Tracking Maritime College grandson on his summer sea term for the past 3 summers-its so awesome to follow

Ship shape

Great app if you want see ships at sea, schedules and ports. Continue to like this app. I use to track cruise ships.


Great app !!!

5 Stars!

Love this s app! We are Boat watchers in Michigan on our fantastic Great Lakes, and this app is awesome for our needs! Thanks!!!

You Guys Rock

Wow you have put together an awesome app, we live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on Lake Superior and use your amazing app daily. Keep up the good work....


I purchased this app in hopes of getting more features but instead I get old position data. How old 21 hrs behind. I get better up to date data from free apps and free net sites. Sorry I bought this! Waste of money!

To long for updates

I look at this app often to see where other guys are fishing. But the app is very rarely updated within even a few days so the info is “old news”

Great app

Use it to track shipping in front my home on the Great Lakes (st Clair river) from all over the world. Tells ship information , speed direction and ETA to my location. Pictures of the ship and tracking are a plus. Great value. Much more than I expected. I will be using it in Aruba this winter.

Failed to update commercial traffic on the Mississippi River

As of 2018, it longer updates the location of commercial traffic on the upper Mississippi

Awesome App

Love this app. I can keep track of my sons ship out of the country

So great an app! Can see ships in all corners of the world (literally).

Very fun and accurate. I live in coastal Maine and can track ships nearby, see where my ferry is, etc.

Good app, a few issues

This is a really good app with a couple issues. I’m using the free version and it keeps forgetting my fleet (only 2 boats, so hard to understand why that happens). Some of the best features like tracks are hard to find in the UI. But all in all this is a great app, esp for free. I will probably upgrade to the premium version at some point.


I paid $5 for an app that was supposed to allow me to track the progress of a boat from Bermuda to Newport RI. It’s a 3 day sail and once the yacht was about 20nm off the coast of Bermuda it didn’t work. It literally did not update any information until they reached Newport. Not helpful in any way

Nice package and delivery but...

Nice app. Easy and well thought out. Only issue is data and coverage is weak. Vessel Finder much more current.


Working as a Docking Master in San Juan harbor use this app just about every day,,,

For local photography purposes...

I use the ap to know when there might be an interesting ship unloading cargo in the local port. I really wish I could program it to notify me when a ship of a certain size pulled into the local port, so I could tell when I should head out with the photo gear.

Sad days for this ap

This ap has went downhill fast it was a great ap for tracking vessels but for the last 6 months or so you can not track anything accurately when you check your n a vessel and the last time this ap has tracked it is 6 days ago and you know for a fact that it has moved or is moving there is a problem there are much better apps out there

Great App

Part of my career was in distribution and logistics including responsility for several cargo ships and articulated tug barge units. Although I retired before this App was available, I believe it to be an important tool for those in the marine industry and those interested In tracking ships.

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